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Cat Grotto

małe kotki rosyjskiemałe kotki rosyjskie


Welcome to the pedigree cats breeding website. Cat Grotto *PL is a home breeding. We teach these wonderful animals trust, love and living in complete symbiosis with people. We specialize in two pedigrees: the Russian Blue (RUS) and Egyptian Mau (MAU).

Furry friends live with adults and children, and because of this, they are accustomed to human habits from the very beginning. Two Russian cats appeared in my house in 2009 and my passion for cats originated from this fact.

Currently basic bevy consist of: ICH Jamb Grota Kota*PL, Odysseus Mazoji Arka*LT, Ballada Grota Kota*PL, Lutnia Grota Kota*PL, Kwinta z Grota
Kota*PL, Jona Mój Kot*PL, CH Zahira Ojos Del Salado*PL.

Cats are under constant supervision of a vet.They are regularly dewormed and vaccinated.They participate in exhibitions and are repeatedly appreciated by the judges and breeders.

Hodowla Grota Kota*PL (Cat Grotto Breeding*PL) is registered by the organization of cat breeders FIFE (Fédération Internationale Féline), and will soon be registered by in WCF (World Cat Federation)

We are located in Zielona Gora (Poland), 60 km from the German border. Kittens from Cat Grotto Breeding *PL are dewormed twice and vaccinated
twice by the time they find new owners (expanded vaccination, plus against rabies). Our pedigree cats have health books, passports and chips.

I also deal with all matters such as preparing the toddler to transport (veterinary certificate and others). Kittens will also be sterilized, castrated yet in my breeding. A cat is ready to travel to his new home when it is 12-16 months old (vaccination against rabies makes it longer).